Kumkum Bhagya updated twist

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi’s earring comes off. Ranbir helps her wear it. Rhea watches Ranbir and Prachi together. Shahana keeps marbles on the ground and Aryan falls due to it. Shahana takes an image of Aryan when he falls, to require revenge on him.
Vikram calls Ranbir and asks where is he. Ranbir tells his father that he came to the hotel but later he had to go away for a few important work with Prachi. Saritaji asks Rhea what was she doing in Maya’s room, she accuses her of going inside to steal something. Rhea tells Saritaji that Prachi is that the thief and she or he wants to require away someone’s boyfriend.

Ranbir lies to Vikram that he’s at the office. Pragya hears his conversation and asks Ranbir why did he mislead Vikram. Pragya asks Prachi why are they here. Shahana lies to Pragya that they Prachi and Ranbir wanted to practice their dance routine for school fest, which is why they’re wearing costumes.
Pragya asks Ranbir to assist Vikram in arranging everything at the event. Rhea is relieved that Ranbir and Prachi aren’t telling the reality to anyone. Rhea plans to spill water and leave an electrical wire in it in order that Prachi gets a shock. Saritaji sees Rhea taking a full tray of water glasses from a waiter, and she or he suspects that Rhea is upto something wrong.
Maya’s father, Chaubeyji requests Abhi to sing at Maya’s engagement. Abhi agrees to sing one song for the guests. Rhea knows Prachi shall come near the Ganpati idol to stay diyas. Rhea spills water there, and waits for Prachi. Shahana hides from Aryan, under a table. Ranbir asks Shahana to return out. Shahana and Aryan start fighting again. Rhea wonders if she is doing the proper thing with Prachi.

Abhi is telling Purab how angry he’s with Prachi’s mother for throwing atta on him. Purab tries to calm him down when Mira comes in. She tries to prevent Abhi from getting so angry. Purab remembers that Abhi has the childish anger that Pragya wont to give him. Mira smiles after seeing Abhi in anger and knowing that she cares about him.

Rhea hears everyone at the party praising Prachi and her mother’s catering service. Rhea gets irritated. She steps in and says that the food is formed alright because she likes Pragya. She criticizes Prachi and Shahana’s service at the party. Shahana goes to Pragya and tells her about Rhea’s complain at the party. Pragya decides to travel and check on the service herself.

Ranbir is getting to propose to Rhea. He gives the waiter an enormous tip to inform Rhea to satisfy him in another room. The waiter messes up and sends Prachi into the space instead. Prachi decides to travel after she is completed serving the guests. She meets Ranbir’s father who thanks her for teaching his son manners and making him clean his own mess.

Pragya sees Prachi lecture Ranbir’s father. She assumes he’s Mr. Mehra and thanks him for all the assistance he has given her family, especially Prachi. Ranbir’s father is confused but accepts her compliments. Only after Guddan cals him Mr. Mehra, he realizes that the compliments weren’t meant for him.

Prachi enters the space where the waiter asked her to travel . the space is dark and Ranbir proposes to her together with his back turned toward her. When Ranbir activates the lights and sees Prachi, they’re both shocked. Ranbir and Prachi fight again. They both reject eaach other and walk off angry.

Pragya goes around ensuring that everybody is serving properly. When she doesn’t find any faults she wonders why Rhea was complaining. Stay tuned to understand if Pragya confronts Rhea.

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