Facebook in the week launched a replacement


Facebook Provides an Update on Its Plans to attach the planet as a part of New “Inclusive Internet Index”

There’s something that seems a touch almost right with the newest numbers within the Facebook-commissioned “Inclusive Internet Index”. or even it’s just surprising – either way, the numbers highlight some interesting data points around global connection to the online .

Formulated in partnership with The Economist, the Inclusive Internet Index lists nations supported internet accessibility, and ranks them on a variety of key factors.


Inclusive Internet Index


And consistent with Facebook, now, more people than ever are ready to access the planet wide web:
“Last year was a watershed moment within the history of the web . it had been the primary full year when quite half the world’s population – 4.1 billion people – got online. Reaching 4.1 billion people online may be a monumental achievement, but now comes the hard part. quite 3.5 billion people remain unconnected to the web and therefore the opportunities it provides to strengthen communities, give people a voice and make economic impact.”

That makes sense, and is in line with past indicators of where web accessibility should be. But when matched with Facebook’s own overall usage numbers, supported its ‘Family of Apps’ listing in its recent performance update, that might put Facebook’s user penetration at a particularly high rate.

In its Q4 update, Facebook noted that some 2.26 billion people – on the brink of 30% of the whole population of the planet (7.6b) – are now interacting during a Facebook app every single day.
That, too, is sensible – there are tons of Facebook users, and with improved connectivity, more people are ready to access Facebook’s tools.

But once you also take under consideration that around 26% of individuals within the world are under the age of 15 (Facebook and Instagram require users to be 13 to check in , WhatsApp 16), that reduces the potential pool of all people that could possibly use Facebook’s apps, supported these new connectivity figures, to around 3.03b people worldwide. Account for this, that might mean that around 75% of the people that can access Facebook’s apps are using them, an incredibly high penetration rate.

Could that be right? Is Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram getting used by 75% of all people within the world with internet access? that might incorporate elderly people too, a staggering usage marker.

It’s no wonder that Facebook is functioning so hard to attach the remaining 3.5 billion, as long as the overwhelming majority , supported evidence, also will likely become Facebook users.

In its summary of the report, Facebook notes that connectivity growth has slowed within the lowest-income countries, but has grown in lower-middle income regions. Facebook also notes that mobile connectivity has become cheaper and more accessible, paving the way for improved access moving forward.

In addressing the necessity for improved connection, Facebook is developing its Terragraph, Magma and satellite-based Wi-Fi solutions, while it also continues to figure with local operators and authorities to determine better systems around such.

It’s amazing to think that numerous people still do not have internet access, while it also highlights the continued opportunities of connectivity, and linking the rest of the planet to the online .

That also, as noted, means increased potential for Facebook and other web operators. While developing regions are an extended way off becoming viable, valuable audiences, during a monetization sense, the more Facebook can expand, the greater its potential to create more business tools and options for these users.

And at such high penetration rates, Facebook indeed looks set to win out from the increased connectivity push.



Facebook Launches New Creator Studio Mobile App

Facebook in the week launched a replacement , mobile version of its Creator Studio tool, with a separate Creator Studio app to assist better manage your Facebook Pages on the go.

Matt Navarra
NEW! Facebook launches Creator Studio App on iOS + Android http://bit.ly/38FZj78

– FB gave me pre-release access to the app
– Creators will find it useful, but it needs full post creation / publishing capabilities…
Facebook suggest this is often likely coming soon

As you’ll see from the video above, via the new app, you will be ready to manage and edit Page posts, view performance analytics and answer messages – with the added capacity to manage multiple Facebook Pages through the app.

As explained by Facebook:

“The app is an evolution of and mobile complement to Creator Studio, the desktop hub dedicated to helping creators and publishers manage their content, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook. The new experience offers an equivalent actionable insights and meaningful engagement metrics, all from the convenience of a mobile device.”

The app is actually a replacement for Facebook’s previous ‘Creator’ app, which the corporate pack up last March. That app was initially launched under the title of ‘Mentions’ back in 2014.
his new variation caters to essentially an equivalent use case, with an updated interface and improved posting capacity.

But some limitations remain.
As noted by social media expert Matt Navarra, users aren’t ready to upload content to the app and make new posts via the tool. you would like to make posts in either the Facebook app or via desktop, then schedule them or save them as drafts (you’ll note within the video above that the demonstration only shows the user changing the small print on pre-scheduled posts).

That’s a reasonably significant limitation – on the other hand again, the app is meant to be a mobile complement to your Facebook Page management process, not a singular management interface on its own. Facebook may look to feature posting functionality in future.

Either way, there are some cool features and tools within the new app, which can little question provide value to several Facebook Page managers.

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