the highest five technology trends you would like to understand to figure in any industry.   1. Internet of Things (IOT) One of the most important tech trends to emerge in recent years is that the Internet of Things. Simply put, the web of Things (abbreviated IOT) is thatContinue Reading


A newly identified coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (formerly 2019-nCoV) has been spreading in China, and has now reached multiple other countries. Here’s what you would like to understand about the virus and therefore the disease it causes, called COVID-19. Update on Thursday, Feb. 20 (ET): —American passengers stuck on a cruise liner off Japan for nearly fortnight were evacuated on SundayContinue Reading

Facebook in the week launched a replacement

Facebook Provides an Update on Its Plans to attach the planet as a part of New “Inclusive Internet Index” There’s something that seems a touch almost right with the newest numbers within the Facebook-commissioned “Inclusive Internet Index”. or even it’s just surprising – either way, the numbers highlight some interestingContinue Reading

Enzymes are natural catalysts that operate under mild conditions

lMRR Artificial Enzyme Scientists have used an unnatural aminoalkanoic acid and a catalytic copper complex to make a replacement , artificial enzyme. Enzymes are natural catalysts that operate under mild conditions. This makes them a beautiful alternative for industrial chemical catalysis, which can require heat and pressure and toxic solventsContinue Reading